Viagra in Australia – complete guide for you

Viagra is a drug that helps men with erectile disfunction to get an erection when he becomes sexually aroused. Viagra has no known benefits for female sexual health. It is taken orally. In Australia, it is considered a S4 drug which means it is offered through prescription only. 12 tablets cost about $29.99 in Australia. It works by stopping an enzyme which degrades cGMP. cGMP regulates blood flow to the penis, and by inhibiting its degradation, Viagra increases blood flow to that region. This results in an erection. Erectile disfunction, or ED is very common in middle aged and older men. Men with ED may suffer from depression and lower self confidence. Viagra can help ease these issues. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for Viagra to enter the bloodstream and shouldn’t be taken between 1-2 hours before sexual activity. Viagra’s efficiency and effectiveness are affected by food eaten before or after taking it. Taking it with high-fat meals decreases its efficiency. Furthermore, grapefruit juice should not be consumed in conjunction with Viagra as it may cause increased side effects to occur.

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Viagra is sold through Pfizer, an international pharmaceutical company. It was originally tested to treat heart disease. However, clinical trials revealed that it caused erections in human males. Viagra currently exceeds 1 billion dollars in sales yearly. Viagra has several well known nicknames. It has been called vitamin V, blue diamond, and the blue pill. The last two of these names reference the pill’s shape and color. Viagra is a well known product around the world, resulting in many herbal “aphrodisiacs” labeling themselves as the “herbal Viagra”. Competitors of Viagra include Cialis and Levitra. These drugs were largely responsible for Viagra’s decreasing market share. While in 2000 Viagra has taken up 92% of ED related sales globally, by 2007 that number had fallen to about 50% of the market share. Due to Viagra’s popularity, many generic pills have flooded the market.  Around 80% of sites claiming to sell Viagra were selling generics. In Australia Viagra can only be obtained through getting a prescription, so one should be wary of sites claiming to sell Viagra that don’t ask for a prescription.

Side effects

There are multiple possible side effects of using Viagra. These include flushing, headache, an upset stomach, back pain, nausea, muscle pain, changes in vision, blurred vision, runny nose, stuffy nose, priapism, vision loss in one or both eyes, hearing loss, rashes, and dizziness. Furthermore, other very rare side effects may occur including heart attack, irregular heartbeat, stroke, and death. You shouldn’t take Viagra if you are taking any nitrate based medications or guanylate cyclase stimulators as this might result in a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Viagra also shouldn’t be taken if you are allergic to sildenafil or any other ingredients in Viagra. Other medications that shouldn’t be taken in conjunction with Viagra include alpha-blockers, HIV protease inhibitors, some oral antifungal medicines, some antibiotics, medications that treat high blood pressure, and other medications that treat ED. You should always consult with your physician before taking Viagra as it is unsafe not to do so.

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Kamagra pharmacy in Australia

Kamagra Jelly Provides the Best Solution for Male Impotence

When it comes to sexual function, men are usually the last to admit to having a problem. It can be embarrassing and affect their self-esteem. Male impotence can be devastating for a man, and for this reason, it’s hard for them to determine where to get help. This is completely understandable. However, once men feel comfortable taking action, they find that their problem is not only very common, but that it is extremely treatable.

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is Kamagra Jelly. It has been pharmaceutical tested and successfully proven for its effectiveness. It is highly recommended to overcome the problem of male impotence.

Kamagra Jelly was formulated to provide the right amount of blood flow to the penis which allows for the relaxation of muscles to stimulate an erection. By expanding the blood stream, the penis is able to function at its peak-performance without any delay. It is fast-acting and extremely benign.
What makes this product so great is that it has been thoroughly researched. Unlike many similar products, Kamagra Jelly provides the benefits it has been designed to achieve. It is also much cheaper than its counter-part Viagra and will produce the equivalent quality when used as directed. Many users are completely amazed by the results and it is widely-recognized as an alternative.

Although Kamagra Jelly has not been FDA approved, it is extremely safe and reliable. Not unlike all erectile drug treatments, there are a few side effects. Some of the most common side effects include:

• Headache
• Dizziness
• Facial Flushing
• Upset Stomach
• Diarrhea
• Nasal Congestion
• Urinary Tract Infection

Because Kamagra Jelly helps men with sexual intimacy and builds their self-confidence, the benefits greatly outweigh the side effects. By following clear instructions of the product, men gain a much satisfying sexual experience and can perform much better with their partner. Kamagra Jelly is not known to reduce sperm or modify any characteristics of a man’s sperm count, for those seeking to reproduce.

Kamagra Jelly should be taken at least 10-20 minutes prior to sexual activity in order to maximize its effectiveness, as its intended. It is non-habit forming and can be used as many times needed to reach an erection; however, it should only be used once per day.
Precautions should be taken with anyone having cardiovascular disease. Anyone having a heart problem, angina, have suffered a recent heart attack or stroke, should not use the product without seeking advice from their primary physician.

Of all the erectile dysfunction products on the market, Kamagra Jelly is considered the safest and the most beneficial by consumers. The gel product comes in many flavors such as strawberry, banana and apple. It is available in 50mg and 100mg and can be purchased on-line, providing users with complete privacy for their purchase. Additionally, the product is received in very discrete packaging, for added confidentiality.

Kamagra Jelly is a unique and excellent erectile dysfunction treatment. Using the drug will enhance a man’s sex life and allow them to reach an erection in far less time without it. There is no other drug on the market that will produce the same positive effects for erectile dysfunction and with the same safety. It is simply the best treatment for anyone suffering with maintaining an erection.

How to Buy Levitra in Australia?

Levitra (vardenafil) is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a sexual stimulant that relaxes blood vessel muscle walls and increases blood flow to the penis to help sustain an erection during sexual intercourse.

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Levitra can be obtained at a store based pharmacy with a prescription. However, in Australia the generic version can be easily obtained from various online pharmacies without a prescription. It is important to ensure you are getting it from a reputable online pharmacy to avoid getting counterfeit especially if it is being dispensed without a doctor’s prescription. Generics tend to be cheaper than the brand and built to work just as well as the brand equivalent. Obtaining prescriptions through mail order maybe more convenient for most people.
Like any other medication, Levitra has side effects and its important to get emergency medical help or call your doctor if you experience any. Some of the common side effects include flushed skin, stuffy or runny nose, indigestion, upset stomach, dizziness,back pain, hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Some of the side effects that can occur with Levitra may not need medical attention. These side effects may manifest initially and go away as your body adjusts to the medication during treatment. You may want want to discuss ways to reduce or prevent some of these side effects with health care professional prior to commencing treatment.
The dosage for Levitra is determined by the doctor based on the medical condition that is being treated and other factors like other medications being taken at the time (including herbal remedies) and response to treatment. It is therefore very important to tell the doctor what other conditions you are being treated for when considering use of this medication. The duration of action of Levitra varies from patient to patient depending on every single person’s physiological characteristics. It is also important that the medication be taken about an hour before sexual activity and doses should be taken 24 hrs apart.A good baseline is 4-5 hours as a starting point and see further how Levitra works for you. It has been reported to keep some men going all night long and well into the next day, which makes it 10-12 hours.
It is worth noting that Levitra does not cure erectile dysfunction. It will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis). Safe sex practices such as using latex condoms and making responsible choices should still be used.
If you get an erection that lasts more than 4 hours after taking Levitra, seek emergency medical help immediately as this might be a symptom of a very dangerous condition called priapism. Erections that last too long can mean that blood stays for too long inside the cavernous structures in your penis, which leads to tissue necrosis, or death of tissues. This may result in inability to achieve erection permanently and might even have to have parts of your penis removed.
Levitra gives you natural, healthy erections that last for just as long as it is required for you to complete a sexual intercourse if used safely and appropriately.

Where to Buy Kamagra

Kamagra Jelly is a topical gel (often presented as an “oral jelly”) used to treat erectile dysfunction, working to relax the muscles of the penis while simultaneously dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the area. The drug has proven most effective in erectile dysfunction cases where the occurrence was marked by psychological interference or issues. The active ingredient in Kamagra jelly is Sildenafil Citrate, which is also the active ingredient in popular ED medications like Viagra. Compared to Viagra, kamagra jelly is a more affordable option, one reason that it has enjoyed a particularly high level of popularity among online shoppers. The oral jelly, like the other pills produced by the Kamagra brand, are made in India by the company Ajanta Pharma.

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The gel form has several advantages over the pill form. First, it works more quickly, because the active ingredients are absorbed into the user’s blood flow faster. Additionally, it’s more convenient for people who do not like taking pills or cannot swallow a pill (which is a more common problem than one might think.) They also make the gel in nice flavors like pineapple, strawberry and peach.

The jelly should be used approximately one hour prior to sexual activity – but should not be taken more than once per day. If one ingests high amounts of alcohol or a meal with a high amount of fat, kamagra may take longer to take effect.

When it comes to side effects, few are affected. The common side effects include headache, dizziness, heartburn, nausea, stuffy nose, and diarrhea. The drug also should not be taken in combination with nitrates or recreational amphetamines, alpha-blocker medications, medicines that treat high blood pressure, or any other medications – such as Viagra – that are used to treat impotence or ED. The dosage one should take depends on a variety of factors, including 1. the age of the person, 2. any medical issues that you may have and 3. the type of erectile dysfunction that you are affected by. Sildenafil is used to treat people with both organic and psychogenic sexual and/or erectile dysfunctions. Depending on these factors, the jelly reaches between 60-85% efficacy.

While clinical studies reveal patients who regularly took doses of Sildenafil at 25 mg, 50 mg and 100, the most popular dosages average around 100 milligrams. The clinical studies also showed that the higher the dosage, the more effective the treatment was in treating erectile dysfunction. Additionally, Sildenafil is proven to intensify orgasms in users and to increase the level of satisfaction that a user derives from the intercourse. It must be noted, however, that sildenafil only works when the user is sexually stimulated prior to the sexual activity.

If seeking to purchase the product in Australia, perhaps the most convenient – and discreet – method is by purchasing online. This also allows you to buy your specified amount of the product in your preferred dosage – often if you buy more units of the product, the price per unit will be lower. A couple websites where you can purchase the product include, company which also ship to Australia, in case you happen to be doing business abroad when you run out or forget your kamagra. Most shipments should arrive to your home within a couple weeks (21 days, at the most).

Kamagra Oral Jelly in Pharmacy Australia

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a solution that was created for the older male who may begin to have issues pertaining to not being to perform sexually as they once did before. This product is so sufficient for males that it has grown in popularity ever since it was introduced on the market. This is a great item, that is tried and true. This solution was designed in mind for gentlemen that were going through erectile dysfunction. ED for short can be something that can cause severe embarrassment and sadness for men all around the world.

Kamagra Oral Jelly in Pharmacy Australia

Kamagra Oral Jelly in Pharmacy Australia

There is not a need to fret any longer because Kamagra Oral Jelly provides the answer to this everyday issue that has plagued many men alike beforehand. This item is what will provide the needed energy and stamina so that men alike, can once again begin to enjoy pleasure with their partners like they once did. Their partner will forever be grateful for this wonderful creation that is out on the market today. They will have a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure overall. It is without a doubt clear that this solution will give great results and is highly recommended everywhere. Some of the ingredients for this drug include mono oxide which is derived from nitrogen. This will enable the male member to raise and cause an sensation of endurance for their erections. Individuals that are teenagers – somewhere around the ripe age of 18 years old can safely take this same drug and not have any major concerns or issues as well. No negative effects have been discovered for the men’s hormones which is a major plus and will ensure zero issues in that department.

This Oral Jelly does not cause addictions if one were to want to continually use it for long-term. This solution is best taken by using a drink bag item for under 20 minutes before wanting to perform sexual intercourse. This drug should not be used if one has any major forms of arrhythmia or heart problems to name a few. This particular product can be bought at These retailers are great ways to be able to purchase this erectile dysfunction drug easily and secure. There are other retailers available as well. This drug is available in a wide array of areas in Australia, and there should not be any issues being able to buy this product anywhere in the person’s local area. As one can see Kamagra Oral Jelly is sure to not disappoint any of its users. It has been given great reviews by men everywhere. No one should ever feel ashamed that they may be going through this particular type of issue.

This is actually a more common problem for males than some would think. That is why there is this great solution for men that may not be able to perform as they used to. Erectile Dysfunction can affect men from all different walks of life and it should be notated that this Oral Jelly is the lifesaver that so many people have been wanting to have for this specific type of issue. Kamagra Oral Jelly is the way to go and men will be very happy and satisfied.

Buy Kamagra Jelly in Australia Online

Many, many men suffer from the embarrassing affliction of erectile dysfunction. This is characterized by the inability to obtain or sustain an erection due to inadequate blood flow. Even though it affects all ages, it becomes more common in men as they age and can be the result of either physical issues or psychological issues. Either way, if you suffer from this disorder you are not alone and there is a solution. One of the most advantageous ways to solve this problem is through natural solutions. More specifically many have turned to using Kamagra Jelly produced in Australia due to its advantages and effectiveness. This article will outline what some of the advantages are for using Kamagra, as well as, outline some of the potential side effects.

Buy Kamagra Jelly in Australia Online

Buy Kamagra Jelly in Australia Online


So, what are the benefits of Kamagra Jelly? Well, one of the most appealing advantages is the response time. Once taken, Kamagra can start working in just 15 minutes. This fast acting medication can ease the anxiety of an already stress-inducing situation by offering the consumer piece of mind that obtaining and maintaining an erection is not going to be a problem. Also, this medication is offered over-the-counter at a low price in a very easy-to-take form. The Kamagra Jelly can be purchased online without the hassle of going to the doctor’s office and obtaining a prescription. It is significantly cheaper than similar products on the market and the fruity taste of the jelly makes it easy to ingest. Since this jelly can be taken without water, it can be swallowed discreetly without any unnecessary attention.Another advantage of Kamagra Jelly is its reliability. Kamagra has established a reputation that reflects both its reliability and positive results. It is well-established and has over ten years in the market of erectile dysfunction relief with a history of very positive feedback from its consumers.

Potential Side Effects

Like any other product on the market, consumers should also be aware that there are some potential side effects. Certain minor side effects can include a headache, flushing, indigestion problems, vision problems, and stuffy or a runny nose. More serious side effects can include an erection lasting longer than expected, hearing loss, heart attack, stroke, and hypotension. While some of these side effects are highly unlikely, the consumer should be aware of the potential risks of taking Kamagra Jelly and seek medical attention if necessary as this is important part of it.

If you want to get rid of the embarrassment and shame caused by erectile dysfunction, there is a solution and that solution could be Kamagra Jelly produced in Australia. You no longer have to suffer the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction and the lowered self-esteem, diminished sexual satisfaction and potential relationship problems associated with this disorder.You do not have to let your well-being be affected by erectile dysfunction. With Kamagra, a consumer can act discreetly without fear of shame, embarrassment or guilt.Take a chance and try Kamagra Jelly produced in Australia. It could be the solution.

Generic Cialis in Melbourne online

Many men in the world are finding that they are being diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction. Because of all the backlash that comes with having ED, most men aren’t bringing it up with their spouses and even their doctors. They are finding that they are facing a lot of pressure not being able to live up to how sexually active they were in the past. This also rings true in Australia. It has been recently reported that Male Erectile Dysfunction is becoming more common in western Australia. When one thousand five hundred eighty western Australian men were surveyed, it was reported that fourteen percent of the surveyed men some form, of Male Erectile Dysfunction disorder. The good news is, there is a cure for that lack of drive.

Generic Cialis in Melbourne online
Generic Cialis in Melbourne online

For all of the men that have to deal with Male Erectile Dysfunction in there lives, there are a lot of options that allow them to get their drive back. Some treatments you will find come in the form of medical gels or ingest-able jellies. And recently, many new age healers are also considering the uses of herbal supplements and teas, which are very common in Eastern parts of the world. However, in regards to Australia, prescription pills are the most common way of treating a man with ED. A new pill is now creating a buzz in the medical industry, and that is Cialis.

Cialis is a single pill meant to be swallowed by the patient, which is used to relax the muscles that are in the inner lining of the blood vessels in the body. When these muscles are relaxed, the patient should be to experience enough blood flow to the penis to experience an erection and to perform sexually as he did before ED. Presently, all forms of Cialis can only be obtained by having a written prescription given by your doctor that proves that the patient does indeed have a form of ED. All of the other ways that a patient obtains this drug without a prescription in the country of Australia, are completely illegal to sell and deemed to be unsafe by the Australian Department of Health.

While the majority of Viagra use has been deemed safe by doctors and health practitioners, like each and every type of prescription medication, all patients should be informed to proceed with caution before taking a pill such as Viagra. Each and every patient should first and foremost discuss the pills and side effects with their doctor to rule out any particular oddities that might occur if one were to take Viagra. Any and all men who are interested in taking any kind of prescription drug, whether is be for ED or any other bodily complication, should always consult a doctor before ingesting any medication they are not sure of. Also note that any place selling these prescription drugs without proof of prescription should not be trusted.

As the world is becoming more open about Erectile Dysfunction, many new products are coming into the country and paving ways for new breakthroughs. Through the trust of your local family doctor and the Australian Health Department, always be sure that you are making the right choices for your body.

How Cialis Can Save Your Sex Life

If you’re one of 25% of men who struggles with erectile dysfunction, you know how real that struggle can be. ED is most common in older men, but can strike at any age. Because there are many different ways ED can manifest, you might not know if what you have is actually ED, and if there is any help available to you. Maybe you can’t even get an erection. Maybe when you get an erection, it doesn’t get hard enough to make penetration possible. Maybe you can get an erection, but it goes away before you want it to.

Buy Cialis without prescription in Sydney

Buy Cialis without prescription in Sydney

Any and all of these symptoms can wreak havoc on your sex life. Worrying about getting ED can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where the stress of anticipating ED can become the thing that causes it. This can make your feel trapped in a downward spiral of worry, embarrassment, and shame.

Thankfully there Cialis is a solution for all your ED woes. Cialis has been shown to be very effective for the treatment of ED. Just think about it, this means you can get your sex life back on track and increase the satisfaction of both you and your partner. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

There are two ways to take Cialis. One is a low dose (2.5 mg or 5 mg) that you take once a day. With this dose you and your partner don’t need to plan your sexlife around a pill. You can have sex anytime between doses. You may be able to complete intercourse in as few as four days, although for most men it takes about a week for the drug to kick in.

The other option is a Cialis pill that you take when you need it. This is a higher dose of 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20mg. With this dose, some men are able to get and keep an erection in as little as 30 minutes. The great part about this version is that one does can work for up to 36 hours, so you can act whenever the mood is right.

Regardless of which dosage you and your doctor decide is right for you, you should know that Cialis can be effective in men of all ages, even those who have chronic health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure that is controlled.

You don’t need to take Cialis with food or on an empty stomach, so you don’t need to create elaborate strategies for taking the pill with or without your meals. One thing you don’t want to do though is take Cialis if you’ve been overindulging with alcohol, we’re talking five glasses of wine or five shots of whiskey. If you do this, you can end up with a headache or dizziness. Not exactly sexy.

It doesn’t happen very often, but if you end up with an erection that lasts over four hours, go ahead and get yourself to a doctor or ER. You want to avoid any long-term injury in that important part of the body.

A quick, easy and low risk way to get Cialis in New Zealand is to buy it online. If you make sure you’re using a reputable seller, you can get both generic and name brand, guaranteed quality Cialis for much less than your local pharmacy will charge you.

Cialis has helped so many men overcome their struggle with ED. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be one of them?

Kamagra – Extremely functional medicine to get rid of male impotence

Male impotence is an increasingly disturbing issue that is creating problems in a lot of married relationships. There can be some reasons behind the problems of male impotence including disturbing climate and environmental disturbances, overload of work, mental fatigue, and physical fatigue. However, the solutions to these problems are limited, and Kamagra tablets or Kamagra jelly is one such solution which is considered to be very effective against erectile dysfunction and or premature ejaculation. Both these issues of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the major forms of male impotence, and these can be cured with the help of Kamagra medicine.

Kamagra Australia for sale

Kamagra Australia for sale

Kamagra is a generic medicine and like all other generic medicines, it has its advantages. Being a generic medicine, Kamagra can be attained at much lower prices while it offers excellent and most satisfactory results. Furthermore, this medicine also helps people suffering from low sperm count and other male impotence issues. However, this medicine is mainly used for curing the problem of erectile dysfunction while it is also very effective against the problem of premature ejaculation.

Solving the issue of Premature Ejaculation with Kamagra:
Anyone suffering from the issue of premature ejaculation may decide to buy online Kamagra as it can prove to be the excellent solution against this form of male impotence. A person suffering from the issue of premature ejaculation can initiate sexual activities with their female partners but they fail to lead the sexual intercourse successfully towards the climax, and it may cause a serious and disturbing setback for their female partners. Furthermore, even the male fails to enjoy the proper fruits of their sexual efforts.
This problem is caused by the over activeness of a particular enzyme which is found only in the muscles of male sexual organ. This particular enzyme which is found in the penis is termed as PDE5, and it helps in the process of ejaculation of sperms of a man during the sexual activities. However, when this enzyme becomes hyperactive, it causes the issue of premature ejaculation. This problem can be solved out with the help of such a drug that can effectively act as an enzyme inhibitor against the hyperactivities of PDE5. The active ingredient of Kamagra is Sildenafil citrate, and it is known for its effectiveness against the hyperactivities of the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme inhibitor ascertains that the male under the effect of this medicine will not suffer the situation of premature ejaculation and will be able to lead their female partners towards the climax.

How Kamagra Jelly Helps against the Issue of Erectile Dysfunction:
It would be hard for anyone to suggest which of the two problems of male impotence amongst premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is more troublesome. A person suffering from erectile dysfunctions shows extreme repulsion against the sexual moves initiated by their female partners and may prove to be very annoying to their female partners. This is the reason why it is considered more frustrating and needs to be cured as soon as possible. Kamagra medicine is considered as one of the most effective solutions to this problem as its major active ingredient is Sildenafil citrate which is known for its ability to increase the blood flow in the muscles of the penis of a man.
Thus, when a person under the effect of Kamagra faces a strong sexual stimulant, he enjoys more blood flow in their penis. On the other hand, Kamagra also helps in reducing the flow of returning blood out of the penis and hence, the person is able to sustain a stronger, longer and better erection for a longer period.

The Viagra Side Effects

Viagra, like in any other part of the world, is a prescription medicine and is most commonly preferred by men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the country compared Cialis and Levitra, the other two drugs available. Like any drug, the side effects of Viagra are inevitable, however, in most scenarios, similar to other countries, most men in Australia find the side effects mild and to a comforting extent, temporary.

Viagra in Australia

How it works

Viagra works to help treat erectile dysfunction in men by triggering how blood flows to the penis. For a man to experience an erection, the penis has to have a sufficient inflow of blood. Erectile dysfunction, most often, occurs when the blood flow to the penis is poor. The drug is composed of a chemical ingredient referred to as sildenafil which is also the most active ingredient. It is the sildenafil that triggers the needed blood flow by relaxing blood vessels allowing for the ease of an erection to occur.

The Side Effects

Taking viagra, as earlier mentioned, can result in some side effects. The side effects, nonetheless, are often balmy and do not last long and, sometimes dependent on controllable factors such as dosage or commitment to other drugs.

Very common side effects

Headaches are arguably the most common downside of taking Viagra. Out of every ten men taking Viagra, common to any part of the world, at least one will indicate a headache as a side effect, but, this should not be worrying as a headache does not usually last and is never that serious. Furthermore, an over the counter painkiller like aspirin can easily offer respite.

Common side effects

Other common side effects that may be experienced by 1 in 10 men or 1 in 100 men include nausea, indigestion, stuffy nose, redness of the face and, in some men, dizziness, and blurred vision.

The good thing, however, like headaches, these side effects are never long lasting, but one should take precaution to avoid involving tasks when feeling dizzy. Blurred vision lasting more than an hour should also be a cause for concern as it can interfere with sight and due to this, immediate medical help should be sought.

Uncommon side effects

There are also uncommon side effects usually experienced by few men, precisely, 1 in 100 men and to some extent 1 in 1000. These side effects may include vomiting, dehydration, skin rashes, vertigo, numbness, blood in urine, muscle aches and blocked nose.

Rare but serious side effects

Viagra can also cause serious side effects like most medicines although the side effects in most cases are usually rare. Some of these side effects tend to result when Viagra is taken with other medicines such as nitrate drugs taken to manage chest pains.

These side effects require one to seek the attention of a doctor and include painful erections, chest pains, prolonged erections that last more than 4 hours, seizures and a decrease of vision.

In rare instances, Viagra can trigger allergic reactions with the potentiality of being dangerous such as causing breathing difficulties.

How to minimize the side effects

While doing away with the Viagra side effects may be impossible, decreasing the risks of the side effects can be achieved. Some of the measures to avoiding the side effects include:

· Avoiding alcohol. Alcohol speeds the risk of some side effects such as dizziness and it also makes erection difficult.

· Stick to the prescribed dosage.

· Confirm the interactions of Viagra with other drugs before taking.

· Avoid mixing Viagra with recreational drugs. Some recreational drugs can cause harmful interaction especially if they contain Nitrates.

While with side effects, Viagra has been credited for being the most appropriate answer to erectile dysfunction. The drug is certified as safe in Australia and with the side effects in most instances not threatening, it should be easy using Viagra. However, if there should arise any doubts on the drug and its side effects, one should promptly visit a doctor.