Erectile dysfunction – best solution

Many men in Australia are suffering from erectile dysfunction. There is a stigma attached to this. Many feel ashamed of this but they aren’t alone. Not all of the men are old or infirm either. That is the belief but it’s not true. Many of them are actually professionals who seem to be in good health. Not all of them are as healthy as they seem but that doesn’t mean they’re feeble either. Many other health conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction but not all of them are serious. Diabetes is one example. Another is nerve damage.

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction you should go to your doctor about this. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about it because they’ve heard it all before. They won’t be shocked at all. Their job is to find out what’s going on. They may prescribe something like Viagra but they should also run the tests needed to find out what the underlying problem is. You should know what is causing the dysfunction and not just how to treat it.

You may also want to talk to a counselor about this issue. They will be objective. They can help you come to terms with your emotions. Erectile dysfunction could leave you feeling inadequate and unhappy. Intimacy is important to many men and if you can’t manage it you may feel the loss. Your partner might also be upset by this. You could ask them to go with you. It might help both of you come to terms with things. You could learn new ways to communicate. If emotions run high and you act on them you might find yourself arguing with your partner more than usual, and the counselor can help you figure out how to better control this. The counselor’s job is not to choose sides either so you don’t have to worry about that happening.

If you do feel the loss of intimacy between you and your partner you need only be creative. There are other forms besides just intercourse. You can still cuddle. You can kiss and touch. There are other things as well. If you want to know more you can do research. You could also get your partner involved. Maybe they have ideas you don’t have, or maybe they have a certain desire you could still satisfy. Intimacy should leave both of you feeling better. If you get them involved in finding a solution they may feel better because you’re including them and talking about the situation.

The one thing you need to remember is there is no shame in needing any kind of medication, even if it’s for erectile dysfunction. You should not bottle things up. You should not keep it to yourself. If you can’t talk to friends and family you at least need to talk to your doctor and partner. They definitely need to know what’s happening. Bottling things up is a bad idea in general because it can lead to depression. Getting it out will help a lot if you are already experiencing this. You are not alone in this situation at all. It is also affecting your partner. They surely feel emotionally hurt by it since thay probably miss intimacy as much as you do. They may actually think you don’t desire them unless you talk and tell them you are experiencing a medical problem. Getting this off your chest could make you both feel lots better.

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